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21.05.2008, 15:03 - 7 years of The Abyss
We represent to your attention more than 200 photos from celebrating of the 7th anniversary of The Abyss game portal.


You can familiarise with it here.

All photos in archive can be downloaded here (36.3 Mb).
Author: Masamune
28.01.2008, 21:06 - Server for a forum
Last month the problem with unavailability of our sites and forum because of an overload from a considerable quantity of visitors was strongly appreciable. We made a decision to get a separate server for our conference to eliminate the given problems. Now forum had a server with the following configuration:

Processor: 2xXeon Quad-Core X5355
Memory:8x2048Mb DDR II FB-DIMM Kingston
HDD: 4x73.5 Gb Fujitsu 15000 rpm
Platform: SUPERMICRO 6015B-3RV

We hope very much, that the given powerful hardware will make your stay on our site more pleasant.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 3
04.12.2007, 01:20 - Long Break
Dear The Abyss users. For the first time for 6.5 years of work we had such long break with working capacity. Many of you have chosen Abyss because of stability and you had to be fidgety. Take our apologies. We had a unexpected technical failure to which we were not ready and we even were unable to describe on time a course of carried out works and keep posted events. Officially we declare, that all that nonsense which have appeared on different resources - hearings. Now we again with you, all mail, all accounts, all other current questions - everything, everything, all was kept: do not worry. We completely resume our work and all questions will be considered in as much as possible fast terms. Once again excuse for the caused compelled inconveniences. We too have become bored and too are very glad to see you again.
Author: Masamune
30.07.2007, 16:12 - Geodata, Interlude
On all servers geodata has been updated, numerous mistakes of textures led to stucking of the character have been corrected, or on the contrary allowing to get in inaccessible places.

Dear players, we are glad to inform you, that big volume of work for transition on Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne (C6, Interlude) is already finished. The closed betatest will begin soon, at the end of betatest update will appear on game servers too. Originally changes will concern a client part, but in the further gradually server part will be resulted according to an official server of game. We recommend you to download the client in advance, you can download it here or here.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 58
08.04.2007, 00:24 - Counter-Strike Servers
Dear friends! Welcome to our site! After the testing period we finally have officially opened our portal and launched the Counter-Strike servers. Thank everybody who helped us to find mistakes and correct errors. We wish all of you enjoy the game, we hope to maintain friendly relations with you, and hopefully our portal will be a place for you to have good time and to feel at ease, enjoining yourself.

We are also glad to introduce you our new design for the Counter-Strike section. You can learn more about it here.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 0

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